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Shenzhen Liande Automation Equipment Co.LTD

Shenzhen Liande Automation Equipment Co.LTD (Stock code: 300545) is high tech intelligent display equipment company, which is founded in 1998.Liande always invest in the technology and pursuit the cutting edge product and excellent quality for the customers. Liande’s heandquarter is in Shenzhen, which has 5 subsidiary company: Dongguan Lianpeng, Hengyang Liande, Chendu Liande, Suzhou Lianpeng and Liande.J.R&D Japan. Liande has entered a fast development since we are the first high end display equipment company listed in the Shenzhen Stock Exchange GEM in 2016.

In January 2021, the Donguan Lianpeng intelligent Equipment Centre has set up, which has more than 1100 employees. Liande leads the industry in many high-end technologies ,such as 3C intelligent equipment, TV module equipment, Car display equipment, Semi-conductor equipment,5G equipment and photovoltaic equipment.


3C Display Intelligent Equipment

The 3C intelligent equipment department is focus on the wearable electronic, mobile phone, 5G communication electronic products. We provide the production line solution for the LCD,OLED,Mini LED and Micro LED module. We can link with our customers’ production management system for the equipment parameter, product tracks and daily yield control. 

Car Display Equipment

The car display equipment department is focus on the production line solution for the car display bonding, lamination, inspection, and assembly. Continental AG has honor us as the global strategic equipment supplier. We have built up the first global first curve panel OCA lamentation production line for Continental AG in Europe. 

TV Module Equipment

TV module department is focus on the production line solution for the 4K/8K large size display module. Our production line is including the automatic loading equipment, LCM bonding area edge cleaning, OLB COF bonding, AKKON AOI, bonding area dispensing, PCB bonding and etc.  


The Semi-Conductor Department

The semi-conductor department is focus on the production line solution for the semiconductor assembly and test. Our production line range is including the COF FC bonder, SOT bonder, CSP FC bonder, Lead frame taping, Die bonder AOI and etc.

The 5G Equipment Department 

5G is a new generation of mobile communication systems, with high spectral efficiency and low power consumption. In terms of transfer rate and resource utilization improvement, its wireless coverage performance and user experience will be significantly improved. Liande will also have its own place in such a competitive environment. Our 5G adhesive and dispense equipment, Antenna wire screw equipment has earn the trust of the most famous 5G company. 

The Photovoltaic Equipment Department

The photovoltaic equipment department is focus on the production line solution for the busbar welding. The busbar welding equipment is used to interconnect the bus bars at the head, middle and tail of the outgoing line type module; It has the function of feeding tape with coiled bus bar and bending u-and L-type leads upward.

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