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Our lfetime is short and time flies;it has been 20 years since Liande was established. Personallyspeaking ,lfeel everyyear is passing faster than before . And we are taking more responsibilities of ourfamily, company and society.Lfe is like an adventure. We should ride the wind,conquer difficulties and achieve ourdreams. Although,in our limited lifetime, there are only limited goals could be reached, we established a global manufacturing company in only 20 years. As known, Liande has made great progress in automation equipment manufacturing.Since Liande was establis hed on 18th, Oct.1998,we had to relocate our factory 5 times, because our company is developing fast.20 years ago , Lian-de only had few people working in a garage, now we are becoming one of leaders in automation equipment manufacturer for FPD industry.

Liande will continually developing our most advance technologies and contribute ourselves for a better world.

InLiande 's family all staff hare the same perspectives and make efforts together to achieve the goals. Presenty,we reached our initial stage of goals. Liande is making a strategic adjustment for long-time development including integrating of group resources and optimizing the value of resources. Withregards to individual development, there are also a lot of achievements to be mentioned.As leaders of dfferent departments,they set good examples for their colleagues, help them to develop themselves and cooperate closely. Meanwhile, with new colleagues' joining in, the enterprise becomes more energetic and creative.

In our industrial, Liande earned many rewards from government and public.Liande also made impressive success in strategic investment, research and development of new technologies, manufacturing ,talent cutivation and sales service. We keep building diverse ways in professional cooperation and consultation with our customers and clients to maximize customer's profits and our values. Liande willgradually develop our "Liande Mode" based on ourvalues and perspectives.

Living in an age of great changes, we are witnessing the infuence of internet, big data and etc. Simultaneously,Industial Evolution 4.0 is developin , All of these revolutions are changing ourvalues, orders, civilization , the way of leaving in better way. We should adapt ourselves to this new environment in the way of thinking and doing, and waking up spiritually and mindfully. This is the age for people of willing to change.

All members of Liande will continually make arduous efforts to build a better world.

Undoubtedly, everyone in Liande is a faithful builder.Ever since 1998 we held our belief To be one of top automation equipment manufacturers in the world". With our corners stones and accomplishments,we are coming closer to this goal.

In future, Liande wil keeo challenoino new level recisions.optimizing our manufacturing process and developing most dvance technologies.

More challenges brina more Dains,but we surely will gain more.

Join Liande and be a member of our big family!

Thanks to all the ollenouee for vourAhardyrvionon ard thankc to all nurfamiies fortheirsupport.Thanks to our clients,for yourtrust, and also thanks to our business nartners l et'e create a areat future for Liande!

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