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Since October 2018, Liande Automation began to contact with the world's top 500 German Continental electronics, through Shanghai Continental, Wuhu Continental, Singapore Continental Romania Continental, Germany Continental for the technical exchanges and business negotiations. We have sent a team to the romanian factory to discuss, over a period of six months, and successfully obtained the first order of the Continental group in China. 

With the full cooperation of the business team and the R&D team we have been able to obtain a series of global orders from Continental, including Continental Romania, Continental Czech Republic and Continental Germany. We have successfully become a strategic global equipment supplier for Continental in mid 2020, and it is encouraging to note that we have successfully delivered the first global curved OCA laminating line of Continental at the end of 2020. During the COVID-19, Liande sent dozens of after-sales teams to Romania, Czech Republic and Germany to support the project and customers in the dangerous epidemic time. Because of that, the Europe Continental Group gave full recognition and commendation to Liande for its outstanding performance during the epidemic time. At the same time, Liande group has obtained the supplier qualification of Bosch group, the largest supplier of automobile industry in Europe, and successfully delivered the equipment to Bosch's Portuguese factory. The order work of Bosch's Romanian factory is also in steady progress.



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